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Volunteers are an integral part of the success and development of the Ancient Historical Society Museumô. The Museum is currently seeking volunteers for a variety of positions. Training will be provided for all volunteer jobs. If you are interested in any of the positions, please contact the staff person listed.

The Museum serves as the focal point for researchers, students and others who seek information pertaining to Ancient history and the preservation of historical artifacts. The Library Volunteer assists the Librarian with general library related projects including cataloging, moving and shelving books and research. Library experience will be helpful.
Please contact: Dr. Charles Smith III, Librarian 800-719-5070, ext. 228

The Collections Intern will support the work of the collections department through duties related to cataloguing and photographing objects. These will include research, object storage, and administrative tasks. The intern may also assist with exhibit related duties as needed. If interested, please contact: Dr. Anthony Williams, curator 800-719-5070, ext. 2.

Volunteers are needed to assist with Museum Education outreach and programs. Please contact: Roshan Strickland, Museum Education Coordinator, 800-719-5070, ext. 4.

The Ancient Historical Society Virtual Museum welcomes the participation of area High School students. Volunteer perform a variety of duties in the Museum Education department. Please contact: Katia J. Powell, Museum Lecturer, 800-719-5070 ext. 5.

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