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Ancient Egypt


Language: Nuwaubic

Nuwaubu Flag
Nuwaubu Flag

A Multicultural International
Movement Based On 
Ancient Teachings.

This Is More A Way Of Life.

Dr. Malachi Z. York

Tamare Parade
Tamare Parade


Is the science of Sound Right Reasoning.  NUWAU-BU Is Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, And a Right Overstanding.  NUWAU-BU Is the science of Experience, Evidence and Reason.  Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, and a Right Overstanding is what you need to restore your powerful mind of Right Reason.

Nuwau-bu In forms you that knowledge is knowing.  To know is knowledge for the first four letters of knowledge is K-N-O-W.  Knowledge is mental power with correct information.  Wisdom is knowing how and when to use knowledge.  The first three letters of wisdom is W-I-S, having the phonetics of the word Wise.  And an Overstanding is receipt of knowledge by the mind and is the unity of knowledge and wisdom.

Nuwau-bu and the forces and powers thereof are Liberty, Equality, Justice, Rightness and Proper Survival for New Beings – people everywhere.  Nuwaubu and the powers that make it effective and binding are the equalizers in all fields, necessities and endeavors in which others offer contest.  Overstanding was introduced to take you from this world into the next.  For the Holy Tablets is your passport to the new life here after like the hereafter.  Received By The Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z. York 360°/720°©  

Nuwaubu Is an ancient Nubian word which is “Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, and a Right Overstanding – Finite and Infinite, To Know”.  This leads one to “Sound Right Reasoning”.  According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the words sound, right and reasoning mean:

Sound – Having a firm basis; Unshakable.  The word unshakable (without the ability to doubt).

Right – In accordance with fact, reason, or truth; Correct.

Reasoning – The capacity for logical, rational and analytic thought; Intelligence.  Good judgment; Sound sense.  An underlying fact or cause that provides logical sense for a premise or an occurrence:

So, Sound, Right Reasoning is the Unshakable Facts and Logic.  Nuwaubu.

Nuwaubu Is spiritual science of all original people throughout the universe and is the only thing that can put us back in our right minds.  Nuwaubu existed before the flood of Noah (Utnaphistim) and is therefore, the science of the original creative force and the original spiritual science of us.

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