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Egyptology.  The study of Ancient Egypt and Egyptian antiquities.  And with just a little research, you would realize everything that all others profess to believe, worship or proclaim has it’s origin in Egypt.  The Ancient Egiptian Order of ancient Egypt give birth to all present day sacred societies.  Such as, Knights of Columbus, Alhambra, Freemasonry, Shriners, Odd Fellows and Sufis.  Karast an Egyptian word “Christ” is acknowledge as the savior who came out of Egypt (Matthew 2:15).  And the Trinity is in fact a Quadity, a concept based on 4 principles. 

1.  The father-God, 2.  The mother-Mary, 3.  The son-Jesus and 4. The holy ghost-Gabriel, the 4 pillars that holds up the heavens.  Which is not publicly recognized because is has been replace by the trinity.  Forgetting the blessed mother, who gives birth to the son of God.  Over time, male chauvinism and male dominated religions attempted to exclude the divinity of women even inserting quotes in their bible such as 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 in part “ Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak;”  an intentional alteration of the scriptures original purpose was plotted and executed.  Thus, Mary was removed and the original Quadity – 4 beings became a trinity – 3 beings. 

Although these religious denominations that recognize the trinity as being 1.  God the father – Jehovah, 2. God the son – Jesus, and 3.  God the holy spirit – Gabriel.  Today you find these teachings of the trinity which broke off from the original Egyptian Quadity and is a corruption.  They in fact place Gabriel, an angelic being, a spirit being of Luke 1:19 and the name Gabriel translates Gabre- el or man of God.  From the Hebrew gheh-ber -el “mighty, man child, strong man warrior” this being Gabriel walked the earth Daniel 9:21.

The fact is that over time, Christianity lost sight of the original Egyptian doctrine and confused the true Egyptian trinity which is, 1.  Atum-Re, 2.  Atun-Re and 3.  Amun-Re.  These are three divine points of light and nourishing providing sun, which brings each day, healing on its wings, the light of the heavens and the earth.  Koran 24:35, the bright and morning star (Revelation 22:16), (Psalm 84:11), the Lord God claims to be a sun.  That was the original Trinity, but the divine family incarnate was a Quadity; which is 1.  Osiris, known as “The Heavenly Father God”, 2.  Isis, known as “The Blessed Mother Goddess”, 3.  Horus, know as “The Sacred Son of God”, and 4.  Khonsu known as “The Holy Soul, (The Quadity Existence).  Here you have your Jehovah, Mary, Jesus, and Gabriel this is where it came from thousands of years before the story of the Christ child 2000 years ago.  This was plagiarized by those who try to hide the truth from the world, the Luciferians.

So, the Christian concept of trinity in actuality comes from the three positions of the sun, the Egyptian trinity, Atum-Re, the mourning, Atun-Re, the noon, and Amun-Re, the evening, when in fact the Christian trinity should be four parts.  And the key figure on earth would be the word of God made flesh in ancient Egypt, which predates the bible.  This applies to both old and new testaments, which was Haru Sa Aset “Horus son of Isis”.  This Horus was and is the same personage in other cultures, where he became known in Latin as Hesus (Jesus), while in Hebrew he is Yashua (– Jesus), and in Arabic Isa (Jesus).  In Greek it’s Iesous (Jesus). The Egyptians did not worship the mass of energy, a sun god, (Malachi 4:2), that is 330,000 times that of the earth.  The bible calls it Shemesh (Psalm 84:11).  The Koran 2:258 calls it Shams. It’s a star, one of many. The mass of energy referred to as the solar or sun which is logged to be 93 million miles from the planet earth with a diameter of 864,000 thousand miles and heat ratio of 30,175,262° Fahrenheit

The actual sun was not worshiped; the principle that without it no life could exist on this planet renders it a sustaining force, a force of creating life source.  Without it all will die.  In ancient times the sun and its rays represent a message of life from the source of all existence.  The message was “by this mere point in this space and time which being created, you exist.”  So it was a symbol of respect and reverence from the source of the universes, incomprehensible, the indefinable source of all. 

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