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Dr. Ali M. York

Dr. As-Saayid Ali Abdullah Muhammed Bin Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi
Supreme Grand A'aferti Atum Haru Hor Aha Amsu Re

The administrative department of the AHS includes the Director's office, Information Systems, Building Operations, Governance, Membership, and Development.

The AHS sponsors public lectures and academic programs to which teachers are cordially invited. In addition, individually and in partnership with other organizations, the AHS is dedicated to hosting programs, seminars, and small group activities specifically for teachers.

The library of the Ancient Historical Society serves primarily as a repository for collections of the personal papers and literary works of individuals and families across America and around the world. It is open to the public without charge. Researchers are encouraged to contact the reference librarian before planning a visit.


Publications & Research
The department of Publication and Research Programs produces a portion of the Society's general publications. It also administers the Society's schedule of scholarly events and the annual fellowship program.

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