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Ancient Nubian Beads
Ancient Nubia Beads
100 BC - 300 AD

Archaic Colima Female
3000 BC Bronze Axe Iran
300 BC Bronze Axe
Bird Artifact 15th Century Thailand
Bird Artifact 14-15
Bronze Arrowhead
Bronze Arrowhead
China 400-300 BC
Dinasaur Egg
Dinosaur Egg
140 million years
Vegetarian Dinosaur
Egyptian Frog
Egyptian Frog Lamp
200-400 AD
Roman Glass Bottle 200-300 AD
Roman Glass Bottle
200-300 AD
Southern Italian Greek  Kantharos
Southern Italian
Greek Kantharos
4th Century BC
Statue Of Nedjemu Dynasty
Statue Of Nedjemu
Dynasty 5
c.2500-235 BCE
Trilobite Large Phacops From Morrocco 350 Million years

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